What makes us different from other advisors operating on the market?
  • An efficient and effective approach to every problem solved
  • Out-of-the-box ideas and solutions
What makes us different from other advisors operating on the market?
  • An efficient and effective approach to every problem solved
  • Out-of-the-box ideas and solutions
About us

Parulski & Wspólnicy Doradcy Podatkowi was established in 2009 in response to the expectations of our Clients who were looking for the highest quality of services as well as direct availability and effectiveness. Since that time, we have not only been keeping to our standards, but we have also been creating unconventional solutions, unprecedented ones in tax advice (e.g. proceedings before the European Commission or regulatory advice at national and EU level). We do not advise on all taxes; we are experts in our field – we can deal with any excise or customs issue, and we are familiar with VAT, too. Proceedings and inspections are also our thing.

We are up to date

We do not just provide tax advice to our Clients. We skillfully create new trends in tax law – we are pioneers of regulatory consultancy. Our lobbying is expert in nature; we convince with the strength of our substantive arguments. As we have participated in precedent cases, We draw the certainty of operation from the participation in precedent-setting cases, and opinion-forming activities in the media and book and press publications make the tax authorities and administrative courts reckon with us.

Our goal

Our goal is to consciously exercise only the best practices and experience that we have gained while working for the world’s largest consulting companies for many years. We apply the same high standards of service, yet without being bound by corporate constraints. We are independent in providing tax advisory services. We conduct disputes in such a way as to close them as quickly as possible. Where possible, we take care of the clear presentation of the case and its possible solutions – that are both safe and financially effective.

We want to work with our Clients on a partnership basis, and we are not afraid to take firm decisions. However, we have no problem to communicate with the other party if it is beneficial for the Client.


Polish realities are not foreign to us

We know the Polish reality – the Polish tax system, the practice of tax authorities, and the issues faced by taxpayers. Thus, we enjoy the reputation of problem-oriented advisors. Thanks to almost 20 years of experience in tax advisory, we know how to quickly identify key tax risks and, where possible, suggest a safe increase in the efficiency of tax settlements and processes.

Our independence in cooperation is yet another thing that makes us different. We follow internal procedures but are not limited by them. We do not apply rigid remuneration rates, and our advisors are constantly available to our Clients. In this way, we meet their expectations quickly and effectively. Each time a well-selected team guards the highest quality and standard of service. We are always available – indeed, at PwC, we employ the most modern means of communication.

Szymon Parulski
Tax Advisor
Wojciech Krok
Tax Advisor
Krzysztof Flis
Tax Advisor

Parulski & Partners Tax Advisors s.c.

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