Fast and communicative
  • Quick response and high-quality communication
  • The greatest experience in excise advice on the market
Fast and communicative
  • Quick response and high-quality communication
  • The greatest experience in excise advice on the market

Since 2009, he has been co-creating and managing a tax consultancy firm. He gained his professional experience in international consulting companies where he worked with the largest national companies as well as international corporations.

Szymon specializes in indirect taxes, with a particular focus on excise and customs duties (he has been recognized five times as the best tax advisor in excise duties in the ranking of the Rzeczpospolita newspaper, and in 2020 in the ranking of the Dziennik Gazeta Prawna newspaper). His extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge of these regulations allow him to advise efficiently in the most complex and difficult international and production transactions.

His experience includes cooperation with the largest petrochemical, tobacco and alcohol companies in Poland and worldwide. In addition to the excise industry, Szymon has excellent knowledge of the cosmetics and clothing industries.

He is a precursor of regulatory consultancy entered into the list of entities providing lobbying services. The first regulatory reports prepared under Szymon’s direction became a model to follow. The effectiveness of regulatory advice and the merit of those works are confirmed by a number of regulations which came into force on his initiative (e.g. excise deregulation, SENT or e-DD).

Szymon was an external expert to the Ministry of Finance, and he worked on a comprehensive reform of tax regulations (the Excise Law and subsequent amendments entered into force in 2009 as a result of that work). He is the author of the first comprehensive commentary to the Excise Law “Akcyza Komentarz”, Zakamycze 2005, on the Polish market. The commentary to the new Excise Law by the Wolters Kluwer publishing house was published in the end of March 2010. The 2016 third edition of that comment established his position as an authority in this field of excise duty.


He runs a tax consultancy firm together with Szymon Parulski. He started his legal practice at university, when he represented political refugees in asylum proceedings. In 2004-2005, he gained experience in a law firm, and then – since 2005 – in a team of tax and court proceedings in one of the large consulting firms, where he advised the largest Polish and foreign companies on controversial tax issues.

Wojtek specializes in procedural issues and conducting tax and court proceedings. He has successfully conducted an array of precedent-setting proceedings before tax authorities and administrative courts. As part of the proceedings, Wojtek also dealt with constitutional issues and issues related to EU law. Many of his cases were considered by the Constitutional Tribunal and the European Commission.

Wojtek also had the opportunity to deal with taxes at international level. He participated in international arbitration as an expert of the government of the Republic of Poland. He also advised the government of Belarus on tax policy issues. Moreover, he took part in legislative processes in the European Commission, where he achieved a number of beneficial legislative solutions for his Clients.

He has extensive experience in cooperation with the largest power groups in Poland, global energy concerns, as well as entities from the oil, gas and coal mining industry and plants from various other industries. His work has also covered the heating industry for many years.

Wojtek is the author of a monograph on the taxation of buildings with real estate tax, and the editor and co-author of a commentary on the excise duty on coal products.

Krzysztof Flis – a tax advisor specialized in indirect taxes (VAT, excise tax, and duty) and tax and duty proceedings. His experience includes, but is not limited to, work for one of the so-called “big four” consulting companies, a large law firm, and one of the largest local tax law firms.

Krzysztof is an expert in tax and customs consequences of domestic and international transactions involving trade in goods. He is highly experienced in tax issues typical for the automotive industry, FMCG sector, and producers of excise goods – tobacco, alcohol, and fuels. Krzysztof has represented many key clients in tax and customs proceedings before public administration bodies and administrative courts. In 2004, he managed complex projects concerning preparation to changes resulting from Poland’s accession to the European Union for a number of large manufacturing companies. He also advised on projects aimed at implementing comprehensive tax solutions and related changes in the business structure of enterprises. Between 2006 and 2014, he was the Vice Chairman of the Excise Duty Group in the Tax Council at the Polish Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan [PKPP LEWIATAN].

Krzysztof has worked with many business organizations and chambers of commerce. Apart from the Polish Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan, he has also cooperated with the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry [Polska Izba Przemysłu Chemicznego], the Association of Employers Polish Spirits Industry [Związek Pracodawców Polski Przemysł Spirytusowy], the National Association of Tobacco Manufacturers [Krajowe Stowarzyszenie Producentów Tytoniu], and the Polish Automotive Industry Association [Polski Związek Przemysłu Motoryzacyjnego], advising on current indirect taxation issues as well as providing opinions on draft amendments to regulations and interpreting EU provisions.